About Hit Diamond

HIT DIAMOND (Sze's) Holdings Limited is a well established jewellery manufacturer in Hong Kong, which specializes in manufacturing diamond jewellery sets and semi-precious stone with any karat of gold such as 9K, 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K as well as platinum. . Our vision is to bring fine-looking jewellery to our valuable customers with quality service. Keeping our vision in mind, HIT DIAMOND has been working with heart for many years, building a close and mutual relationship with customers around the world.

Proudly, HIT DIAMOND has its own factory in China, producing various outstanding jewellery products. As a sophisticated company, and with its conspicuous factory, HIT DIAMOND not only provides exquisite craftsmanship, but also efficient operation, maintaining a high level of productivity and cost-competitiveness. And it is why HIT DIAMOND successfully competes with competitors locally and internationally in both quality of products and price. 

Apart from being a mature manufacturer, HIT DIAMOND at the same time works actively as a wholesaler and exporter in the jewellery and gem industry. To ensure our products satisfy different customers' needs, HIT DIAMOND constantly keeps a sensitive mind and an eye on the latest jewellery trend, so as to expand its jewellery design pool. Since always, HIT DIAMOND never fails in impressing all existing and potential customers from different countries with more than fifty thousand diversified designs.

Living in the global village,  HIT DIAMOND targeted markets includes Mid-East, Europe, United Kingdom, United States , Australia and SouthEast Asia. No matter where the customers come from, our sales team and all supporting staff would always serve them wholeheartedly and professionally.  Leading by Director Peter Sze, the HIT DIAMOND team treats the customers and business partners as VIPs.

For over 2 decades, HIT DIAMOND has successfully built up an excellent reputation for high quality jewellery and professional services.  In all these years, HIT DIAMOND's products continue to satisfy customers from all over the world. Being proud to say, with various strengths, HIT DIAMOND has its competitiveness in the field, being able to expand rapidly.


About Hit Diamond

HIT DIAMOND aimed to provide high quality jewellery products to all customers and to provide professional service to them with heart. Besides, to further boost the company's competitiveness and to establish its coporate image in the international jewellery market, HIT DIAMOND always strives for innovations and improvements, making sure that it can offer the best quality with the best price.